CURE Q&A: Julian Carr

CURE Q&A: Julian Carr

We recently sat down with pro skier and entrepreneur Julian Carr for a quick Q&A
We recently sat down with pro skier and entrepreneur Julian Carr for a quick Q&A. Julian holds 2 world records for cliff ski jumping (ever intentionally launched yourself off a 210' ledge? Same.) and founded the Cirque Mountain Running Series, now in its 3rd season. We wanted to learn a bit more about his routine and how he manages to do it all. 


What time does your alarm go off?
JC: In the winter, early. In the summer, 7:30AM.

What’s your go-to breakfast in the morning?
JC: Two eggs over-medium on a bed of quinoa with one full avocado, three green olives, and bacon. And coffee.

What does a typical day look like for you during ski season?
JC: Get up early, hike somewhere for sunrise photography, and ski/shoot the rest of the day. Might get some resort laps mid-day, then hike somewhere for sunset.

JC: Wake up, make coffee, check emails, work, phone calls, meetings, and hike somewhere for a quick peak hike in SLC bench.  

What do you like to eat (or drink) after you ski?
JC: Just a nice cold beer.

Any recovery tips?
JC: Hydration is key.

What time do you go to bed?
JC: I'm a night owl, usually midnight to 2am.

Any evening rituals?
JC: Peak hike at sunset.

Favorite summit to ski? To run?
JC: In the winter, Mount Wolverine. In the summer, Mount Olympus.

What was your most memorable day of skiing ever?
JC: My first day I ever skied in 8th grade. I immediately fell in love with skiing. I knew I'd ski forever.

How do you spend your time when you're not skiing/pushing peaks?
JC: Usually working on my businesses, hiking with my dog Lexie, shooting hoops, wakesurfing, camping, traveling, listening to all kinds of music, and drawing mazes.

Last question, what's your favorite Cure flavor?
JC: Lemon.