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“Gwyneth Paltrow’s miracle health hack – an electrolyte powder that prevents dehydration without the added sugars of a sports drink.”

"Cure really is the best—their beverages meet the criteria of thirst-quenching and healthy and, as an ORS, they are scientifically proven to hydrate at a cellular level."

2022 Women’s Health Fitness Awards Winner - Named Best Hydrating Drink Mix

“Whether you need a refreshing boost of hydration or need to handle a hangover, Cure has got your back.”

“Now, more than ever, consumers are prioritizing health in their daily lives and looking for products that are not only effective but better-for-you.”

“The only women-owned powder electrolyte brand is led by Peruvian Lauren Picasso.”

“These water additives are meant for all of us, everyday people who are potentially among the estimated 75% of Americans suffering from dehydration.”

“Cure is effective hydration without the added sugar and artificial ingredients that most sports drinks have,” says Andy Roddick.

"Cure is a company that's looking to redefine how we hydrate ourselves."