Hand touching water causing ripples.

Our Impact

We’re on a mission to empower everyone to live better, healthier lives. And because of that, we want to make a positive impact on our planet and society. Here’s how we’re working to support the ultimate foundation for health and well-being.

By the Numbers

Hand taking a 'cure' packet out of a tote bag

313,192 servings

of Cure donated. As part of making health & wellness accessible to all, we donate servings of Cure throughout the year to individuals and local communities.

Rows of bottled water.

95% less plastic

used in our stick pack packaging vs. the average 12 ounce bottled beverage.

Factory chimney emitting smoke.

381,012 carbon emissions offset

through our partnership with

Mountain reflection in alpine lake.

23,000 acres

of forest protected through our partnership with the Garcia River Forest Project.

Two people cleaning a beach.

21,196 pounds

of plastic waste removed from oceans through our partnership with

People planting a tree together.

160 working hours

per year Cure team members will spend serving their local communities through our volunteer program, Cure Cares.

Have an idea for how we can improve?

At Cure, we are committed to better serving our communities and the world. We are very open to your feedback and any feasible suggestions or helpful tips on how to improve — write to us at impact@curehydration.com!