It all started with hydration.

Exercise is supposed to make you feel great, but I would get headaches and nausea after a long run or bike ride. It turns out I was just dehydrated – along with 75% of America. I tried to drink more water, but it was a struggle to drink enough. Even when I did, I still didn't feel my best.

Then I found out that hydration is about not just drinking water. You also need to replace electrolytes lost through sweat, sleep, drinking alcohol and regular daily life. Water alone can’t do that. When I looked at the electrolyte drinks out there, I was shocked. They were all neon-colored and full of sugar and artificial ingredients.

So I decided to make my own — an electrolyte drink mix with only plant-based, non-GMO ingredients that tastes as good as it feels. Because when it comes to our health, we shouldn’t have to make trade-offs.

Our Purpose

Taking care of ourselves is more important than ever.

But the path forward isn’t easy. There’s a lot of noise out there—conflicting information about what works, unrealistic expectations, and an overwhelming number of brands that claim to have the answer.

We exist to empower you to live a better and healthier life with clean and effective products.

Our Values



Functional products to support your daily health and wellbeing.
Based on scientific data and designed for real results you can actually feel.



No added sugar, nothing artificial.
We seek out the very best from nature for quality ingredients you can taste and trust.



Simple health rituals you can feel great about.
Because it’s the small, consistent habits that make the biggest impact.