Hydration and your Skin

Hydration and your Skin

Consider this your Cure for summer skin. 
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Summer skin can be the worst, even without having to wear a mask while running in the heat. (Mascne, anyone?) Breakouts pop up from sweat and from using the wrong SPF, dry skin happens from sun exposure, and it’s the season where we are most vulnerable to pigmentation. And we can’t wear a huge hat everywhere, can we?

Sadly, you can’t control the weather. But you can control your water intake. Each ingredient in Cure is beneficial not only to your workout performance and overall well being, but also your skin. And while you shouldn’t EVER skip the sunscreen, keeping your water bottle by your side is your best bet to staying dewy and glowing. 

Consider this your Cure for summer skin. 

Coconut water is known to have cytokinins in it, which is a well known ingredient to use in tandem with anti-aging products. It is also super hydrating, so your skin is soft and firm. 

Pink Himalayan sea salt is an anti-inflammatory that absorbs excess fluids, so that means it can help those eyes de-puff and relax after a long beach day. 

Lemon juice in water can help fight discoloration and fine lines with Vitamin C, help manage inflammation, and help force out sweat and impurities that could be blocking pores. 

Thirsty Fact #1

If you’ve been in and out of the sun and look a little burnt, drinking water can actually aid in the healing process.

Thirsty  Fact #2

Retaining water is actually your body protecting you against dehydration. This happens when you’re not drinking enough water. 

Thirsty Fact #3

Dry, itchy skin is often a sign you’re not drinking enough water. Not only is it uncomfortable but it also makes it harder to smoothly apply any makeup. 

Thirsty Fact #4

Drinking lots of water helps balance your body’s pH - ignoring it can lead to sensitive skin that breaks out easily. 

Thirsty Fact #5

A healthy gut also means clearer, smoother skin. Want to know how you can improve gut health easily? You guessed it. Drink that water.