Doing Stuff Just For Fun

Doing Stuff Just For Fun

Maybe it’s time to bring hobbies back. 

Millennials have never really understood the concept of doing things “just for fun.” We came into the workforce looking to monetize, produce, and make meaning out of anything we put our time and energy into. It was impressive. 

Cut to now if we’re not on the front lines, we are likely home trying to find moments of normalcy and fresh ways to occupy our time during quarantine. But inspiration? Productivity? That might be hard to find right now, and that’s okay. Maybe it’s time to bring hobbies back. 

Here are a few activities we’ve taken up in the past month that we might never have done otherwise. Let’s all agree that it’s okay to put that book or side hustle on hold right now. It’s time to start doing things just for fun. 

Jigsaw puzzles

There’s something satisfying about an activity that doesn’t involve a screen. Choose something soothing or visually appealing from JiggyPuzzles (like a flamingo!), put on your favorite Spotify playlist, and start puzzling. 

The Sims 4

You might not be able to leave the house, but your Sims character sure can. Take it back to your pre-teen years where designing the house of your dreams then a dysfunctional family to go inside it was the best way to spend an afternoon. When you’re over that, move onto Animal Crossing.

A bake-off 

You’ve likely seen a whole lot of bread baking on your social feeds, but there really is something to creating something that also tastes delicious. If you have a cookbook collecting dust somewhere, try cooking your way through every page. We’re loving Brooklyn Italian fave The Frankies Sputino Kitchen Companion and Cooking Manual. Alison Roman’s Dining In also feels more relevant than ever.  

Write a letter 

When Zoom happy hour exhaustion eventually sets in, we’ll need to find new ways to connect with our loved ones. Why not take a page from our grandparents’ way of life, and write someone a letter? Yes, with a pen and paper and all of that. It will brighten up their day and give you some thoughtful quiet time. 

Have an idea for something fun to do? Leave a comment here.