Our Story

The sports drink I wanted didn't exist.

Whether I was training for a triathlon, skiing all day, or sweating it out in hot yoga, recovery was always a challenge. I’d feel dizzy or nauseous after long workouts and always seemed to hit that dreaded afternoon slump. I was drinking plenty of water, but it wasn’t enough (and I wasn't about to drink a sugary sport drink!). So I decided to create a solution that could hydrate effectively but contained only organic, premium ingredients and no added sugar. When it comes to our health, we shouldn't have to make trade-offs. Made from Organic Coconut Water and Pink Himalayan Salt, Cure provides your body with everything it needs for daily optimal hydration and nothing it doesn't.

-Lauren, Founder & CEO of Cure


We exist to empower others to achieve the full potential of body, mind and spirit through clean and effective products.

When it comes to trying to take the best care of our bodies, the path forward isn’t always clear. There’s a lot of noise out there - different perspectives on what works and an overwhelming number of products (most of them filled with junk) that proclaim to have the answer. We strive to remove the uncertainty from the equation so people don’t have to wonder “is this good for me or not?”

We believe that there shouldn’t be a trade-off between “clean” and “effective” or “science-backed” and “holistic.” Our pledge is to create products that are as clean and as minimally processed as possible and that are scientifically proven to be effective.

Our Values


Act with Integrity

Integrity to us means staying relentlessly true to our mission and to our values above all else. We will always remain honest with ourselves and to our customers.


Stay Fluid

Nothing stays the same, not even for a moment. Life is all about change. To be complacent or attached to the status quo is to stop growing. We stay flexible and adapt to change, constantly asking ourselves, “How can we be better?”


Be well, do good

Physical, mental, and spiritual well-being is our ultimate pursuit. When we're well, we feel a natural desire to help others and do good in the world. That’s why we seek to create a healthy environment in our workplace and in our communities.


Cause No Harm

We all have a responsibility to take care of the Earth. We aspire to avoid raw materials or production processes that harm others or the environment, and we are constantly innovating to further reduce our footprint.

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