Written by Lauren Picasso — February 02, 2020

Here at Cure, we’re passionate about three things above all else: health, science, and women kicking ass in sports. So we were over the moon when we learned about SheIS, a nonprofit that is making waves in the arena of women’s sports (pun intended!).

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership between Cure and SheIS. Beginning today, Cure will donate 1% of all sales to SheIS to help advance their mission of bringing women’s sports into the foreground and galvanizing more fans and resources behind them.

Co-Founder of SheIS, Caiti Donovan, explains it perfectly: “Female athletes are worth watching not for charity, but because there is true athleticism, entertainment value, and an opportunity to give young girls role models.” It’s true — what woman on the planet saw Megan Rapinoe score the winning World Cup goal and didn’t feel an internal expansion of what was possible?

Here’s a staggering statistic that sent our heads spinning: only 4% of sports coverage features female athletes. Donovan explains that “it’s up to us - fans, business leaders, and athletes alike - to show the world that yes, there is an appetite for women’s sports! If you say you are interested in supporting women in sports, then prove it.” 

Through this partnership, we hope to inspire others to take action and show the world that women are more than worth watching. To learn more about SheIS and share the female athletes that inspire you, follow @teamsheis and @curehydration on social.

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