Written by Nicole Najafi — November 25, 2019

It’s really hot out. It’s that time of year when it gets so hot you might take a cab to go six blocks. What better way to quench your thirst than with jugs of ice cold water, right? The short answer is: maybe not. The long answer, according to many scientific studies, ranges anywhere between yes and definitely not. The science is straight, but the takeaways are divided. Here’s what we know about drinking cold vs. room temperature water:

Cold water may not quench your thirst as well as room temperature

While cold water does help to bring down your core temperature, which is especially helpful during a work-out, many argue that it does not quench thirst as effectively as room temperature (or warmer) water. The reason for this is that warm water is absorbed in the body quicker, as it’s closer to your body’s internal temperature, and this helps you recover fluids lost through sweating faster. 

Warm water is easier on your digestion

Do you remember when you had a stomachache as a kid, and your mom or dad gave you hot tea with ginger? It turns out this was rooted in real science, because warm water aids healthier digestion. Hot water is a natural vasodilator, meaning something that widens blood vessels, and that, in turn, improves circulation and blood flow. (Other natural vasodilators include: garlic, ginger, spinach, citrus, pomegranate, and yes, coffee). Cold water can actually slow down your digestion.

The cold water for weight loss myth is just that — a myth

At some point, it became common knowledge that cold water was better suited for weight loss. While it’s true that cold water does burn more calories, this information can be misleading, as the average extra calorie loss from drinking cold water adds up to only a few calories a day. The effect of this is so small that it doesn’t have any real or tangible impact on weight.

Any water is better than no water

There’s one thing all researchers agree on: water is good for you no matter if it’s hot or cold. If it’s a choice between cold or warm water and no water, choose water — always. It’s one of the best things you can do for your body. Do doubly good for your body and add Cure!

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