Summer is Coming: 5 Actually Fun Workout Classes to Shake up Your Routine

Written by Nicole Najafi — May 01, 2019

Winter has come and gone (hallelujah). Out with your puffer coat, in with your cotton tees. As the season of backyard barbecues, rooftop drinks, and salty beach days approaches, it’s time to kick your workout into high gear. And what better time to rethink old routines, and try new and fun ways to get your blood pumping? Here are our five favorite workout classes that are actually as fun as they are effective:


Mile High Run Club

The next best thing to running on Mars. The Mile High Run Club is a futuristic treadmill studio for runners of all levels — from total newbies to marathon superstars. Step into their stylish space that feels more like a spaceship than a workout room for their short interval, high intensity runs guided by A+ run instructors. Intimidated by running? You can slow down or walk at any time, and you choose your own intensity level. Oh, and did we mention high intensity running is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories? Go get that runner’s high.

Y7 Yoga

What’s better than good music and yoga? We’ll wait. Y7 is a hot yoga studio with infrared technology and pumped up music to help you into deep stretches and vinyasa flows. Mix your favorite Saturday night tunes with ambient candlelight and a sweat-inducing 90 degree heated room for a workout that’s guaranteed to make you feel detoxified and re-energized. Be sure to drink tons of water before and after class, and pack a Cure or two to stay extra hydrated.

Barry’s Bootcamp

Not for the faint of heart, Barry’s Bootcamp is the real deal. The self-proclaimed “best workout in the world” is one of the best known workouts for a reason. It packs cardio, strength training, and recovery periods into one 60-minute, 1,000-calorie burning class. Not too shabby. Think of it as a class consisting of all you need to get fit, fast. With a devoted legion of followers, you’re sure to have a friend who’s already a diehard, so find your Barry buddy, and sweat it out together.


The newer cult cycling studio on the block. With super energized instructors and playlists you’ll immediately want to download, it makes cycling uphill a little less of an uphill battle (see what we did there?) Data nerds will love the analytics they provide you with to help you quantify your success and progress. Plus, you get free water bottles to stir in your Cure post-workout.


Ever watch Rocky and think, “I could do that?” Rumble is a boxing-inspired workout where you throw punches to hip-hop and house music. The coolest part is their signature water-filled punching bags, which are softer and easier on your knuckles, so you can limit your soreness to where it really matters — in your muscles. Take a selfie in front of their boxing-themed portraits of Frank Sinatra and Jay-Z, and be sure to check out the locker room, where every locker has a different photo inside.

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