Presidents Working Out, a Symposium

Presidents Working Out, a Symposium

Brush up on your presidential history through their work-outs

Brush up on your presidential history through their work-outs

Can you name all modern presidents in order from most to least recent? Now’s your chance to learn! We did a deep dive on the exercise regimens of presidents past and present. Take a trip down presidential memory lane. These are the work-outs of the presidents who loved to break a sweat.

JFK mid-football catch. He played football for Harvard and even played games as president on the White House lawn.

Why yes, this is Gerald Ford doing push-ups in a bathrobe in his private study at the White House in 1975. And it’s a whole mood.

Men play softball, too! Jimmy Carter was a huge softball fan. He used to organize softball games with his secret service. He’s playing a round here in 1977.

Ronald Reagan was one of the sportiest presidents of modern times. He was an accomplished rider and even had to get special secret service agents who could keep up with him on horseback.

Peak 80s! George H.W. Bush on a jog on the National Mall in 1989. 

Running mates who run together, stay together. Al Gore and Bill Clinton enjoy some post-jog McDonald’s in 1992.

George W. Bush on a 3-mile run as part of a healthy living initiative in 2002.

Iconic! Barack Obama enjoying his first days post-presidency with some jet skiing.

Mask up, people! Joe Biden on a pandemic-safe bike ride in 2020.