Written by Lauren Picasso — November 25, 2019

Above: a community health worker in Mbeya, Tanzania demonstrates proper hand-washing technique. 

We recently sat down with our partners at Pact for a Q&A. Pact is a non-profit that focuses on public health and economic development in marginalized communities. We’ve pledged a percentage of our sales to go directly toward their humanitarian aid work around the world.

They asked us all about our origin story, the importance of hydration, and what motivates our decision to give back through Pact. Read our Q&A below:

PACT: What inspired you to start Cure Hydration? Who did you want to help, what were you hoping to accomplish?

CURE: We decided to start Cure because we were frustrated by how hard it was to find healthy sports drinks. We were shocked when we learned that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. As former athletes who still like to stay active, we know how important proper hydration is to feel our best physically and mentally. And yet the majority of products are loaded with artificial ingredients and sugar -  a high price to pay to stay hydrated. With Cure, we wanted to provide people with a hydration solution that was both more effective,, and made from natural and organic ingredients.

PACT: How on earth is water not enough to keep us hydrated?

CURE: Don’t get us wrong, we love water, but it turns out that water alone isn’t enough to properly rehydrate us, especially if we’re active. When we sweat, get sick, or drink alcohol, we lose vital electrolytes like sodium and potassium, which we have to replenish. You can’t get these essential minerals from water alone.

PACT: How does Cure work?

CURE: Our formula is based on the science behind Oral Rehydration Therapy, which was originally developed by the World Health Organization and has been shown to hydrate as effectively as an IV drip. When a small amount of glucose and electrolytes are perfectly balanced, the combination creates a hydration superhighway through the body’s sodium-glucose cotransport mechanism. The sodium and glucose work together to create an osmotic force that allows water, sodium and other key electrolytes to be pulled directly into your bloodstream earlier on in the digestive process. The result is faster, more effective hydration.

PACT: What’s on the horizon for you—what is Cure Hydration up to next?

CURE: Our goal right now is to educate as many people as possible on the healthier alternatives for hydration. We plan to expand our product offering into other functional categories such as immunity and mental health. Our pledge is to create products that are as clean and minimally processed as possible, and that are scientifically proven to be effective.

PACT: What led you to partner with us?

CURE: When we first learned about ORS, we were amazed to find that something so simple could  treat severe dehydration. Health and humanitarian aid organizations have been saving lives with ORS all over the world for the last five decades. We wanted to give back to this legacy and do our part to improve the lives of those with fewer resources available to them. When we heard about Pact, we immediately saw a fit. Our mission is to empower others to achieve the full potential of body, mind and spirit.We believe that mission aligns perfectly with Pact’s commitment to ensure that all people are able to live healthy, thriving lives.

PACT: Why did you decide to give back, what made that particularly important for you?   

CURE: So many people in the world struggle for access to basic necessities — proper nourishment, clean water, and economic opportunity. We believe we all have a responsibility to support those who face circumstances that we could not even imagine. Above all, we are so grateful to have our health and feel tremendously motivated to help others attain the same. It’s incredibly fulfilling to know that the work we do at Cure in partnership with Pact has a positive impact on the world.

To keep up with and learn more about Pact’s important work, check out www.pactworld.org or drop them a line on Facebook @pactworld.

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