How to Stay Safe While Protesting

Written by Lyz Mancini — June 05, 2020

As protests calling for the actionable end to police brutality continue, you’ve probably been thinking about how you personally can take a stand and show support. You may have been marching every day for the past week, or maybe you want to go out for the first time this weekend. Maybe you’re sharing resources online and having tough conversations with family members -- it’s all important, as long as you keep the momentum going. 

If you are planning to protest, it’s important to know how to do so safely and to know your rights. Here are a few things to keep in mind while standing up for Black voices and stories:

What you should wear:

Nondescript, solid color, layered clothing

Cover up any tattoos or identifiable markings

A mask, and goggles if possible

Emergency contacts -- write them on your arm

Pull your hair up 

Comfortable shoes

What you should bring:

Water to drink and in case of tear gas


Your ID

First aid supplies


A washcloth


A protest sign

Your phone. Turn off your Face/Touch ID, disable data, and switch to airplane mode

What you should not wear: 


Contact lenses 

Stay safe, stay aware, and let’s continue to work together to end racism and hold those in places of power accountable. VOTE. #BlackLivesMatter

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