"WORTH THE SWEAT" VOL. 1 by Lauren Picasso

Written by Lauren Picasso — November 04, 2019

Welcome to our new monthly series, Worth the Sweat, the best workout playlists curated by fellow hydration lovers. We promise 60 minutes of pump-up tunes that will get you through that extra mile every time. First up is our very own, Lauren Picasso. Enjoy!


Worth the Sweat — Playlist by Lauren Picasso

Name: Lauren Picasso

Work hours: Founder of Cure

After hours: running, cooking, hanging with my dog 

Music vibe: I'm a sucker for poppy EDM, especially in the gym. Otherwise, whatever mix my Discover Weekly sends my way (pretty sure it knows me better than I know myself)

Click here to open the playlist in Spotify.

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